Hawaiʻi Museums Association (HMA) hosts its museums’ conference each spring, addressing important, relevant, industry themes. It is an exciting opportunity to come together and hear from our fellow colleagues from across the islands, and sometimes abroad. This years’ theme is ACCESS, and we plan to bring 25 industry leaders and community members to join us in discussion about how we can continue to make museums and related repositories more accessible to a broader and more diverse public. Knowing the significance of having museum professionals share these themes is invaluable and HMA strives to be a catalyst for the exchange of information and ideas by promoting ongoing programs of training and networking. We believe it is important to be able to acknowledge participants with a small gesture of kokua by providing a modest honorarium for their contributions. Knowing that our lowered conference fees will not support this goal, in this campaign, our realistic goal is to raise $2,175. Help us to support honoraria and share this link. Mahalo