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Efforts to digitize museum collections have ushered in a new era of nervous uncertainty and unlimited potential. Whereas civic hacktivists fight to make our legal and intellectual legacies public, Hawai`i’s museums now find themselves in a similar struggle to disseminate cultural and scientific heritage.  Doing so efficiently while increasing return on investments has proven challenging. While Hawaiian museums have a firm role to play in the digital landscape of culture, science and education, there is a lack of universal vision as concerns both methods and practices. Hawai`i’s budding tech community is in a unique position to help articulate this vision by fueling outreach and research through community driven interest.  Our Digital Projects Committee works towards keeping these initiatives alive, to better serve our heritage institutions online.




Adele Balderston is a geographer and new media producer currently working with the University of Hawaii Economic Research Organization (UHERO) to develop interactive maps, data dashboards and other visual communication tools. She is also the founder of 88 Block Walks, an ongoing series of walking tours exploring the psychogeography of Honolulu’s rapidly changing Kaka’ako neighborhood.






Nicholas Griffith works with the Natural Sciences Division of Bishop Museum, and acts as Head of Programs for the Hawai`i Museums Association Board of Directors.  Working towards providing digital access to cultural and scientific collections, he is committed to the principles of Open GLAM (Open Access for Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums) and firmly believes in the strength of our heritage institutions as a united front.






Storm Stoker is a recent graduate from UH Manoa with a Masters in Library and Information Science, specializing in Archives.  She is from Hilo where she graduated with a BA in Anthropology from UHH, she then received an MFA in theatre set design from UHM and an MA in Culture and Communications from the University of Sussex, UK.  While studying in Europe she enjoyed extensive travel opportunities.  After returning to Hawaii in 2010, she began working as the Program Manager for the Public Administration Program at UH Manoa where you can currently find her assisting students in their pursuit of an MPA.