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If you are an active Hawaii Museums Association (HMA) member, you need to log into your member account to access the members-only password-protected discussion forums associated with this website. Prior to posting, please review the guidelines that all HMA members agree to before participating in a forum discussion.

HMA Posting Agreement

  1. Any information, advice or opinion provided by an individual member to the HMA website is given with the understanding that the addressee is speaking on his/her sole behalf and that comments, information, advice or opinion are not necessarily those held by the collective HMA. It is further given on the understanding that the addressee will not any claim to such opinion and will indemnify the HMA, board, officers, and agents against any and all liability and expenses arising out of such opinion.
  2. HMA forum moderators as well as general members may start discussion threads.
  3. Research queries should be provide as much information as possible, allowing non-specialists to understand and benefit from the discussion.
  4. Postings should be courteous. This discussion will unmoderated unless warranted by postings. We welcome controversy but require a tone of civility and collegiality.
  5. Please refrain from sarcasm or other attempts at humor that may offend.
  6. Please proof-read your postings with the diligence that you apply to official correspondence.
  7. Before replying to a query, please read through the entirety of that specific discussion thread to avoid duplicating a response.
  8. There shall be no selling of goods, services or other such sales and promotional offerings on the forum.