Surrounded by Science: Intersections of Science and Our Cultural Institutions

Call for Proposals

The conference committee invites proposals that address aspects of the upcoming conference theme: Surrounded by Science: Intersections of Science and Our Cultural Institutions.  We invite participants to explore the unique and varied ways in which local museums teach, use and relate to science both with their visitors as well as within their institution.

For this year’s conference, Hawaii Museums Association has identified four sub-tracks for the overall conference theme.  However, if a presenter wants to propose another idea that connects to the theme of Surrounded by Science those ideas are welcomed and encouraged.

Proposals that incorporate and honor aboriginal and indigenous knowledge are strongly encouraged.

The four sub-themes are as follows:

Observing Our World: Science and Cultural Institutions

How do cultural institutions share science with their visitors?
In this sub-track, HMA encourages proposals that challenge participants to consider stories of climate resiliency, climate awareness, observations of the physical world and sustainable resource management.  

How the Brain Learns: Education and Cultural Institutions

How do cultural institutions create programs that are engaging and enriching to their audiences?
In this sub-track, HMA encourages proposals that challenge participants to consider how to create exhibits and educational programming for all audiences.  Topics that could fit within this sub-track include: STEAM, educational standards (such as Hawaii Department of Education standards and Common Core) and building partnerships between cultural institutions, teachers, principals and the Department of Education.

Stewardship at Our Institutions: Cultural Resource Management and Cultural Institutions

How do cultural institutions care for the cultural resources they steward? 
In this sub-track, HMA encourages proposals that challenge participants to consider topics such as, the science of cultural resource management, disaster preparedness, pest management, traditional care and the latest technology used in the stewardship of cultural materials.

Mind Your Money: Cultural Institutions and Business Management

How do cultural institutions ensure they are sustainable entities?
In this sub-track, HMA encourages proposals that consider the science of business. Topics that fit within this sub-track include: writing a grant, managing a non-profit, cultivating donor relationships, managing retail operations, human resources and public relations.

Proposals can be submitted for Individual Presentations, Panels, or Workshops with a preference for panels and workshops that include 3 to 4 people.

Moderators are required and must be a person not speaking as part of the panel. Moderators will be required to read and use the guidelines on the How to Facilitate a Conference Session document.  This document will be released shortly by HMA.  All sessions will be 60 minutes in length.

NOTE: All presenters must be registered for the conference.

All sessions must include:

  1. A cohesive description of the presentation.
  2. Biographies for all presenters as well as their contact information. Biographies for presenters will be shared, but contact information will not.
  3. A complete session agenda.

Descriptions of the Types of Presentations:

Individual Presentations:  Individual presentations on various topics will be scheduled into the concurrent sessions according to topic.

Panels:  A moderated session with up to 4 presentations organized around a sub-topic; individual presentations are typically 10-15 minutes in length, depending on the number of presenters in a 1 hour session; panel moderator introduces presenters and conducts Q&A session at end of session.

Workshop:  An interactive, highly facilitated, “hands-on” session that emphasizes the application of information and/or technology.  Active audience participation is encouraged.

Additional Conference Details

Important: HMA will provide a projector/screen for PowerPoint presentations. However, HMA may not provide laptops for the presentations. Either the moderator or presenter needs to provide a laptop, as well as supply any connectors (particularly VGA connectors for Mac users). HMA encourages workshops to be held at local museums. Site-wide WIFI will be available.

Scheduling Details:

You will be notified by February 11, 2019 if your session has received a final approval by the Conference Committee.  You may be contacted earlier should we have any questions and need clarification about your proposal.  You will be responsible for notifying your speakers of the final approval.

Submission Deadline is February 7,  2019

Please submit the following form. 

Thank you for your submission and supporting HMA!

We look forward to seeing you in Honolulu in 2019!

  • In 200 words or less, describe your presentation, panel, or workshop.
  • Submission Deadline is February 7, 2019